Why LEGO® Makes The Grade!

LegoIt was my Son’s birthday at the weekend and I have to say it was a pretty normal affair – possibly not as ‘green’ as I might like to strive for, but he’s 6yrs old – we’re working on it!  We had 15 guests at his birthday party and most brought traditional physical gifts, 3 brought gift cards.  The great things is that most of the physical gifts were LEGO® - a favourite with my Son so he was happy, and a favourite of mine if we’re going to have toys.  It takes up relatively little space, the packaging is recyclable (and no wrapper rage getting into it either – yay!) and it’s not going to end up in garbage.  If it breaks, you can build it again; if you lose the building instructions, you can download them online and if you just can’t build any more and want to clear out, you’re going to be able to resell it.  No issue!  Similarly, if you want to buy 2nd hand, for the most part it’s going to look like new!  Basic LEGO® is also washable if you’re worried about germs!

I know, in some ways to promote something plastic (specifically Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene  or ABS) , derived from natural gas and petroleum seems to run contra to the environmental standards I have set for this site, but the fact is that compared to all the other plastic toys out there, this one sets its own high standards.  It’s a family-owned Danish company, it does have a Planet Promise and it is making changes to improve it’s environmental impact. Earlier this year it announced that it is reducing the sizes of boxes and by 2015 aims to have all LEGO® products on the market in the smaller packaging, giving reduction in CO2 emissions estimated at 10% and a saving of cardboard of 18%.

AND, as a Mom, it gives HOURS AND HOURS of creative, imagination-inspiring play.  It encourages us to think about physics (how to make things stronger or how to create certain shapes) and it allows every kid to enjoy LEGO® at their own pace in their own way.  Whether you want to follow complex build instructions or just pick up some pieces and start creating, LEGO® is fun for all levels!

If I have to have physical gifts coming into our house, then LEGO® is one that I can feel good about!

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