Whistler Bobsleigh Ride

Whistler Bobsleigh RideA Whistler Bobsleigh Ride at the Whistler Sliding Centre is an awesome gift choice for any adrenaline junkie or wannabe winter Olympian.  Travelling at speeds up to 130km/hr is not for the feint-hearted, but it could be a truly memorable gift if they can keep their eyes open!

A Whistler Bobsleigh Ride makes for a thrilling gift to give

This ride starts halfway up the fastest track int he world and by the time you reach the speed trap in Thunderbird Corner you will have passed through ten corners, experiencing speeds of up to 120-130km/hr.  Please be aware that there are age, height and weight restrictions and the public ride is only available (with advance booking) November through to March.  No prior experience of bobsleigh is required, but it is not advisable for anyone pregnant or with heart conditions, previous neck or back pain because of the forces involved in the body during the slide! Each bobsleigh carries a professional driver and 3 passengers.

The cost is $169 + tax per person.


Tel:  604-964-0040