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When I set about creating this website I wanted to give people ideas and inspiration to think differently about gifting and encourage people to think a little more about where the gift comes from, who made it, etc.  This page is for those who really want to know the people behind the gifts in a little more detail.  Here  you will find a little piece of information on each of the vendors (in alphabetical order) who are included on this site.  Some we know more intimately than others, but we will share with you what we know to help you make more informed decisions in your gift purchases:



AspenClean have been cleaning homes the natural way for over 10 years. Armed with their own line of 100% natural Ecocert certified eco-friendly cleaning products (available in stores) AspenClean’s home cleaning service is available in Metro Vancouver and Calgary and offers a complete natural solution to keeping a healthy home.

AspenClean works within their Greater Vancouver and Calgary Service areas to promote healthy living and eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions at home. They are also proud supporters of The Heart & Stroke Foundation, AIDS Vancouver and The Pacific Postpartum Support Society, in addition to local schools and community events. 


Better Meals

Better Meals was established in 1993 by people who have an intimate understanding of the needs from seniors for well-prepared meals and a convenient delivery service. Their menus, which feature a wide variety of dishes to choose from, allow them to provide healthy and delicious meals that satisfy the specific diets of their customers.

At all levels of their organization they believe in the vital service they are providing seniors and the impact that their service has on the community. Better Meals strives to help seniors maintain a high level of well-being by patiently listening to their dietary needs, providing a personalized menu that is both delicious and healthy, and delivering fresh meals on time.


Bigger Bubbles Marketing

Clare Adams (yes, TGP owner too!) set up Bigger Bubbles Marketing after reaching out to gDiapers in 2008 because she had fallen in love with the product and wanted to help to spread the word.  Having spent a couple of years building media relations with the mommy/parenting/family media across Canada for gDiapers, she decided to leverage those contacts for the benefit of others and Bigger Bubbles Marketing was born.  A niche media & PR company, Bigger Bubbles Marketing specializes in helping those trying to reach the parenting/family market.  A mom of 2 herself and an avid communicator, Clare thoroughly enjoys giving back as well.  She provides pro-bono services to the Gaby Davis Foundation and BC Partners in Education and is launching the Tricities chapter of Mom CEO Academy to help support other Mompreneurs in her community


Bird on a Wire Creations

This is a little about Karen behind Bird on a Wire Creations…..

She loves her children
She loves her family
She loves her friends
She believes in the arts and crafts as an integral part of our lives
She must be challenged
She has more ideas than time
She wants to change the paradigm of ‘starving artist’ to ‘thriving artist’
She loves to play…

What else is there?

OK, there is a bit more. She was a stay at home Momma of 3 amazing children Lucas (20), Lauren (18), and EsaBella (7). Creativity has been a lifelong insatiable passion and she’s picked up many skills along the way. She was taught to knit, embroider, and cross stitch at young age by her Oma, as a teen she would sew her own clothes (or what we now call up-cycled – reinvent her clothes), was an honours grad in high school with an arts major.

Fast forward to 1996 – 2000 she owned and operated her first business: a paint-your-own ceramic studio in Squamish where she taught classes, had arranged for Emily Carr College to teach classes in my studio, and was president of the Squamish Arts Council…busy times.

Fast forward one more time to 2009, and as she witnesses the erosion of support for the arts she makes a decision to create a place to not only support the arts but to connect community through the arts. This is what she is meant to do. She is a creative catalyst and a great promoter…so let’s see what we can all create!


Broadcast Your Biz

Born out of a collaboration between Clare Adams of Bigger Bubbles Marketing and Kerry Sauriol of SAHMedia, Broadcast Your Biz offers webinars and tools to help businesses increase their profile.


Busy Bump Maternity Services

Busy Bump Maternity Services is locally owned and operated by Stephanie Lauzon, a mother of a busy toddler named Madison and step-mom to 7 year old, Chase.

The idea for Busy Bump Maternity Services was concieved during her pregnancy and grew into a small business in the beginning of her maternity leave. She wanted to provide other moms with services she would of loved to have during her pregnancy and post-partum as well. Before she had her daughter she was a busy working professional who worked full time, while trying to balance work, friends and family. Between running her step-son to soccer or kindergarten, meetings with clients, making dinner and trying to go to the gym it was hard to find time to read all the baby books and look online for all the information she knew she would need as a new mother. Her goal is to provide other woman someone they can rely on to help them with all the details she would of loved help with. Whether its helping plan your baby shower, creating a registry, teaching you some new mom tips or just being there to offer advice or support. In case you haven’t found out already, everyone will want to offer you advice about your pregancy and caring for a newborn… and I mean everyone and anyone!  It’s so hard to sort through all the advice from family, friends, books and online sometimes its overwhelming and that’s the last thing you need during your pregnancy. Stephanie’s role is to help weed out all the things to you don’t need and teach you the essentials! She truly has found her passion helping expectant couples prepare for their babies arrival.


Canadian Living Magazine

Launched in 1975, Canadian Living Magazine is a national staple published by TransContinental Media.  It is published 12 times per year and does an additional 4 special-interest newsstand issues.  With an editorial profile of “Inspiring Ideas for Everyday Living” it sells more copies than any other Canadian women’s magazine.

Transcontinental  Inc. supports countless charitable activities with pride, especially in the areas of health and education.  Centraide is an organization that the Corporation and its employees, individually and collectively, have chosen to support for many years.  The activities that Transcontinental Inc. supports are typically related to the various communities where the Corporation has a presence, or where their people live and work. Their donation policy is available to read.


Conscious Divas

Kate is dedicated to consciously living her best life. Always open to learning and adopting new teachings that allow her to live a life she loves. Health, Happiness and Amazing Experiences!

One of her highest priorities is to be a supportive, loving, and loyal wife to her amazing husband Sukhi. When you get to know Kate you will learn there is no separation between who she is personally and professionally. Her passion and purpose are to consciously live  the life of her dreams while inspiring and empowering other women to do the same. Since meeting and working with her husband in 2006 she has gained an immense amount of knowledge and personal experiences about the potential for our health, well-being and success. By combining her background and love for marketing with her passion for living consciously, Conscious Divas was born.


Cream de la Creme

Based in Surrey, BC, Cream de la Crème was started in order to create Skin & Hair Care products. Owner / Artisan Jolanda St. Croix is passionate about creating skin & hair care products and avoiding synthetic/toxic ingredients.  Jolanda’s products are cruelty free and contain natural ingredients.


David Suzuki Foundation

The David Suzuki Foundation works with government, business and individuals to conserve our environment by providing science-based research, education and policy work, and acting as a catalyst for the change that today’s situation demands.

Our mission is to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future.

Our vision is that within a generation, Canadians act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.
Our top goals:

  • Protecting our climate — ensure that Canada is doing its fair share to avoid dangerous climate change and is on track to achieve a safe level of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Transforming the economy — make certain that Canadians can maintain a high quality of life within the finite limits of nature through efficient resource use.
  • Protecting nature — work to protect the diversity and health of Canada’s marine, freshwater, and terrestrial creatures and ecosystems.
  • Reconnecting with nature — ensure that Canadians, especially youth, learn about their dependence on a healthy environment through outdoor education.
  • Building community — engage Canadians to live healthier, more fulfilled and just lives with tips on building Earth-friendly infrastructure, making smart energy choices, using efficient transportation, and being mindful of the products, food and water we use.

Canadian charitable number: BN 127756716RR0001  US charitable number: 94-3204049

EcoParent Magazine

Launched in 2012 by Sam Stedman (Publisher) and Alexis Butler (Editor), EcoParent is the product of this couple’s passion to give you what you need to make responsible, sustainable and, most importantly, attainable lifestyle choices for your family.  Produced quarterly, this 100% Canadian  magazine’s print edition uses Cascade’s Enviro100 Satin 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper and they also produce a digital version of the magazine.

Ethical Ocean

Founded in 2008, Ethical Ocean is a collection of the most ethical products in North America. Every product on our website must qualify for at least one of our three designations: Good for People, Good for Animals or Good for the Environment.


Extreme Air Park

Canada’s largest indoor trampoline parks with an open location in Richmond, BC and other locations opening soon in Calgary, AB, Edmoton, AB and Langley, BC.


Fitness Doula

Fitness Doula is all about supporting your core through fertility, pregnancy and motherhood.  They take the support aspect of a doula and combine it with a unique approach to mind/body movement to help you prepare your body for pregnancy, birth and life as a new mama!  Using a variety of techniques that target breathing, alignment and movement, tehy help you connect or reconnect to your core.  Kim Vopni is the Fitness Doula and is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Certified Pre/Post Natal Fitness Consultant, a certified Pfilates Instructor, Hypopresive Method instructor level 1 – and she also trained as a postpartum doula.

Prenatally she works with clients to help them prepare their bodies for birth. Postpartum she helps clients optimize healing and restore their core function for motherhood.

Fitness Doula is a division of Pelvienne Wellness Inc.


Floral Revelry

Karon Fuson’s lust for flowers was inherited from her maternal grandmother, who devotedly nurtured a huge flower garden every year, for her joy and the joy it brought others. Her grandmother and mother would allow her to harvest their flowers, arrange them in bouquets, load them in her delivery vehicle (wagon) and sell them door to door. At a very early age she discovered the joy flowers bring.

About eight years ago, she received her floristry diploma, nailed up her shingle, going into business for herself. Her design approach can range from traditional to abstract depending on the preferences of her customers.

Her love displays itself, quite apparently in her designs, in a surprisingly affordable manner. Each designed arrangement is guaranteed to be treasured by all who receive them and in addition, will bring the gift of longevity. Comments that are repeatedly made suggest that the life of flowers or arrangements that she has tended, live far beyond her customers’ expectations.

Karon also serves on the Board of Directors for PoCo Heritage Society

Gaby Davis Foundation

Founded to honour Gabrielle Davis (1999-2007) who lost her own brave battle with cancer, the Gaby Davis Foundation was set-up by Gaby’s parents and team of committed, hard-working volunteers in 2007 to see Gaby’s vision, of helping other families with a child going through cancer, come to fruition.  To date the Foundation, still run by an entirely volunteer board, has helped over 60 families by providing financial assistance to help cover costs (usually one parent must give up work to care for a child diagnosed with cancer) and a Gaby Pack – a backpack stuffed with gifts and gift cards to help get the family through what is an incredibly difficult time.

Charitable Registration Number: 84239 3951 RR0001



Founded by Lisa Haun, GagBagz is an all-encompassing company for morning sickness survival.  They offer witty, designer barf bags and varying survival kits, as well as in-depth information and resources to help cope and prevent it.

The idea was born after Lisa whimsically doodled on an airplane barf bag as a humorous (yet useful) “congrats” card for a pregnant and horrendously sick friend.  She sent it off to wish her well and bring some chuckles to her challenging day.  It wasn’t until after her friend’s twins were born that she found out what it had truly meant to her.  Her friend gushed – “If it had not been for that bag, I would not have been able to leave my house in fear of being sick in public! I carried that bag in my purse for the duration of my pregnancy- it kept me moving and out of the house. Who would have ever thought that a sort of gag gift would turn out to be a true life saver!”  That was all the inspiration Lisa needed.  She proceeded to take it to the next level with survival kits and support networks to assist in every way possible.

With a compassionate and caring nature, Lisa just naturally wants to help others – this is what brings happiness to her life. She has experienced six pregnancies, resulting in two beautiful daughters (almost 2 and 5 years old).  She is also a full-time Reading Specialist at an elementary school working with children that struggle with literacy.  Working in a predominantly female-based school setting for over fifteen years, and blessed by an abundance of wonderful girlfriends, she has been exposed to numerous woman inflicted with morning sickness of varying vengeance.  What she has learned is that we females have miraculous endurance and can overcome every hardship.  It is her sincere hope that GagBagz brings much relief and support to the 70% of of expectant mothers that experience nausea and vomiting during their first trimester (3-5 million annually in the U.S.). Please spread the word…and cheer…after all, laughter is the best medicine!



One day over breakfast, Jason and Kim Graham-Nye came across an interesting fact. They found that conventional disposable diapers are the third largest contributors to landfills in the world. And yet! Only five percent of the population uses them. Crazy. It was a fact of stunning proportion met by another amazing fact: a single disposable diaper can take up to 500 years to biodegrade in the landfill. That got the Graham-Nyes thinking, since they were about to have a baby themselves. At 60 diapers a week until toilet training kicks in plus the likelihood of having more than one child, well, it was beyond comprehension. And so they gasped. Did they want to jump on the landfill train? Absolutely not! What would the neighbors say? How would they face the world on Earth Day? And what about their garbage can? A heavy thought, indeed.

So Jason and Kim did what any two self respecting, socially responsible people do in a situation like that, they began researching an alternative. Obviously, disposables were out. Cloth used too much water for the water conscious couple living in drought-stricken Australia. And then they found it. A company in Tasmania made flushable diapers. An earth friendly option in their own backyard! They were delighted. Just a small shipping charge away and an order was on its way. The idea went over big with family and friends.

And so, Jason and Kim brought this revolutionary new concept to the U.S. (along with their baby and dog). They now know everything there is to know about diapers. They can recite data in their sleep. Drop them a line sometime to say hi, or if you’re inclined, to say thanks for keeping diapers out of landfills. And please, pass the word.

By the way, Kim and Jason are now the proud parents of two boys, Fynn and Harper. gDiapered from day one.

gDiapers today are a B Certified corporation (meaning that they adhere to triple-bottom line accounting).  They are a family-friendly employer as well as an eco-friendly manufacturer and they are very socially responsible, supporting various non-profits and charities including Pregnancy Awareness Month, Healthy Child, Healthy World, Hands to Hearts International and Nepal Children’s Organization


Green Planet Parties

As parents it’s easy to appreciate how many birthday parties busy families experience in any given month.  Hosting and attending birthday parties, although a childhood rite of passage, much anticipated and enjoyed by everyone involved, can feel terribly wasteful and excessive.  It’s not hard to picture all of the leftovers going into the big green garbage bags along with paper plates, printed napkins, plastic cutlery and cups. Followed up by all the gifts for the birthday child packaged in plastic then wrapped with wrapping paper or a gift bag.  This of course topped off with goodie bags for the guests filled with dollar store plastic items destined for the landfill after they are broken or discarded by the children later that day.

Green Planet Parties goal is helping families in their desire to lead more sustainable lives through the everyday choices we make and the education we provide our children about nature and our part in it. We can all, one person at a time, learn a little more and practice taking better care of mother earth.  Green Planet Parties is very proud of the eco-friendly, locally produced and artisan handcrafted gifts, biodegradable tableware, reusable decorations and goodie bags we’ve put together for people who are interested in a greener way for everyday choices.


Hyde Park Distribution Inc.

Hyde Park Distribution has built a reputation within the hardwood supply industry as being a company built on integrity and reliability & most importantly: quality & value. Hyde Park always seeks to pass these values on to their loyal customers & dealers.

Hyde Park Distribution is entirely 100% Canadian as well as being family-owned & operated, with industry expertise totaling more than 15 years in the hardwood business.

Hyde Park owner Tom Neaves strives to deliver only the very best customer service and quality wood products 100% of the time. As a well-respected figure within the lumber community, Tom knows his wood.

Having had 15 years as a key lumber buyer and re-seller, Tom has a well-trained eye for quality and a steadfast ability to source only the right product to service his customers and it is this ability and reputation which has helped Hyde Park establish itself as the growing business it is today.

Simply put, with Tom at the helm of Hyde Park you are guaranteed that “it’s all about the hardwood.”


Kathryn Mandelcorn, Money Coach

Kathryn’s specialization is cash flow and debt repayment solutions for individuals, couples and the self-employed, as well as financial education and planning.

“Our financial state is a product of the conversations we choose to have about money.”

Kathryn brings ease and perspective into conversations about money—always listening with compassion and without judgment. She equips her clients to take control of their finances by aligning their money management with their values and goals.

Kathryn has always been a planner. It was during her first banking job at 19 when she initially felt the fit between her planning skills and money. When later focused on building her career, the same feeling remerged. She had accepted a job in the investment industry, and every day found herself naturally attuned to clients’ financial planning needs. By 2006, she achieved her Financial Management Advisor designation and knew she was on a path to uncovering her professional passion.

Enthralled by her work, she settled in for the next seven years to learn one of her greatest lessons of life: everyone has a relationship with money.

Today, as a money coach with Money Coaches Canada, Kathryn provides mentoring and unbiased financial advice for achieving stress-free finances today and in the future. At the same time, she helps clients redefine their relationship with money to be more truthful, peaceful and free.



Kibooco was developed by Kibooco Interactive Inc., a leading edge, Vancouver-based startup company founded by Molly Schneeberg and Earl Hong Tai. Their proprietary technology empowers children to express their creativity in a collaborative and safe environment. Guided by their philosophy of “where tradition meets technology” their digital application links online and offline worlds – embracing how digitally savvy and compelled kids are while instilling values important to parents. Their team is united around the mission to use technology to inspire a new generation of innovators and creators, not just consumers.



KidSport™ Canada is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. Through a confidential application process they provide grants so they can play a season of sport. One of their primary goals is to support their network of 11 provincial/territorial KidSport chapters and 177 community KidSport chapters across Canada in their fundraising and sport activities.  KidSport™ Canada is a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association (RCAAA), registration number 86212 5986 RR0003.


Kim Culbert Photography

Kim is an accomplished photographer based in Coquitlam BC, but who works across the Lower Mainland and sometimes the Okanagan.  She’s a mother to 2 boys, has a self-confessed passion for nachos and chocolate milkshakes and has also been called dynamic, patient, and a goofball. She will do what it takes to get natural emotions from you or your family at our photoshoot, and if that means singing TV theme songs at the top of her lungs that’s what she’ll do.  She has a passion for photography and capturing life as it happens and she also gives her time to The Tiny Light Foundation which provides complimentary photoshoots to families with children who have been faced with a life-altering diagnosis. These families have amazing children, and amazing spirit, and Kim is  humbled to be able to provide them with this service.


Kinder Cafe

Founded in 2010 by Anita Fantov, kindercafe is yet another business born out of passion, determination and a LOT of hard work.  Anita’s dream of providing a place for Moms and young children in the community where they could stay, play and enjoy a coffee or something to eat, began back in 2006 when she found herself a single Mom trying to connect with others and limited by the offerings of community centres, people’s homes or traditional cafes which offered nothing for kids.  Four long and difficult years later, she was finally able to open doors to what has definitely become a hub for the community, offering music days, craft days a Kinder Cafe Business Moms Networking Group and Mom Spa days. is operated by PartingWishes Inc., a privately held corporation based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  It is an independent organization which works with lawyers in Canada to provide legal document creation services to the public, but is not itself tied to a particular law firm.  Formed in 2000, the company has a dedicated team devoted to ensuring high customer service, as well as an extensive list of partners and private investors.

Their mandate is to allow people to create common legal documents in a very easy, convenient, private, secure and cost-effective manner, without the need to pay the high expenses of a lawyer.  They go far beyond any do-it-yourself kit or online repository of legal forms and documents. If you wish, all of your legal documents can be stored and maintained by you online, in a completely private and secure manner. This will ensure that you can keep it updated to reflect any changes in your financial or family situation.

The web site allows members to document their Last Will and Testament, Living Will and Power of Attorney.  Furthermore, at no extra cost, members can specify their funeral wishes and even create messages to be sent after they have passed away. uses a unique Member-Keyholder® relationship, which ensures that the information created by our members is completely secure, yet available to their designated personal Keyholders® only at the appropriate time.


Long & McQuade

Long & McQuade is the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in Canada, with 60 locations from British Columbia to Newfoundland. This means that if you’re a touring musician, you’ll have the benefit of dealing with a familiar store with consistent sales, supply, service and support no matter where your home base is.

With non-commission sales staff, you get unbiased, expert advice that is truly best for your needs, not the needs of the salesperson.  And in addition to their new sales (including print music), the provide buying & selling of used instruments, rentals, repairs & service and lessons.

Long & McQuade believes in the power of music. Whether it’s playing it or listening to it, they know that music has the ability to transcend cultural, political, economic and health barriers. That’s why they are dedicated supporters of a truly incredible number of organizations and endeavors.  We stopped counting at 50 and we had a long way to go!  Please check out their community page for more info on all the wonderful organizations they are involved with.



Lunapads were created by Madeleine Shaw in 1994, a fashion designer who realized she needed something to solve her own health concerns about using disposable pads and tampons.  She later teamed up with  Suzanne Siemens, a Chartered Accountant, at a Community Leadership course they were both participating in. Realizing that they shared a vision for better health for women and the planet, they combined their skills to fully develop Lunapads’ potential. Lunapads are now used by thousands worldwide: as a result 1 million disposable pads and tampons are now being diverted from landfills every month. Lunapanties and Lunapads continue to be proudly made in Vancouver, Canada.  The Lunapad ladies are very socially responsible: Pad donations. For over a decade, Lunapads has been donating washable pads to women’s groups to support their fundraising efforts and they also regularly donate washable pads to women in developing nations. The Pads4Girls campaign, in partnership with individuals and numerous NGOs, supplies washable pad kits to girls in developing nations. Imagine1Day is just one of many examples of groups working to help girls who would otherwise be missing school because they lack of adequate menstrual supplies. Mentoring women entrepreneurs in our community. They regularly invite women wanting to start their own businesses (particularly green ones!) to our office to interview us about our experience, ask questions and generally bounce ideas around. They provide leads, contact and advice.  Business community support. They are members of the Green America Business Network and the Social Venture Network, as well as our local and online Better Business Bureaus and a local social-mission business support group. Volunteerism in action. Madeleine is a volunteer Mentor with the Women’s Enterprise Society of British Columbia and the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs and Suzanne is an advisory board member, former treasurer and honored lifetime member of the Georgia Strait Alliance, a BC marine conservation organization.


Make Magazine

Published by Maker Media, founded by Dale Dougherty in 2005, Make Magazine is a monthly publication for those interested in DIY projects involving technology; computers, electronics, robotics and skills like metalworking and woodworking.


Matteo’s Gelato

Matteo’s is an Italian style bistro cafe featuring  artisan gelato as the main course.  Their goal is to serve up an authentic gelato experience.
Located in the heart of downtown Port Coquitlam, Matteo’s is recognized and reviewed by consumers like you as the #1 best gelato in the Vancouver area.
Owner Matt (Matteo) has been in the frozen dessert business for over 35 years. As a classically trained artisan he has provided many Gelateria owners with the education and tools required for their own shops throughout Western Canada.


Mauricio Trabuco

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mauricio started making jewelry 14 years ago,having experienced making different kind of jewelry,traveling in South America and learning different techniques…These days he’s making unique pieces of jewelry made out of forks and natural stones.

Mom CEO Academy

Founded by Felicia Lee, Mom CEO Academy is the world’s first entrepreneurial training program that delivers current, relevant and easy to implement business training for moms on the go.  With Chapters now in Vancouver, North Vancouver and the Tri-Cities, this is a growing resource for Mom entrepreneurs.


Never Quit Foundation

Founded in 2011 by MCpl Jody Mitic, Never Quit Foundation’s goal is to be able to raise money, awareness for adaptive living and take Wounded Soldiers, Police officers, Fire fighters, Paramedics injured in the line of duty and amputee children to special events. Where they show that they are capable of accomplishing anything they put their minds to with a Never Quit attitude. Never Quit Foundation funds these events/opportunities through Sponsorship and at the end of each event donates money to the participants charity of choice in their names. Never Quit Foundation works for the Participants to make these events the very best experience that it can be for them and getting as much media coverage as possible to get their story out.

Their mission is to help wounded Canadian heroes feel that their aspirations are attainable and to rejuvenate their HOPE. They want to accompany them on their road to recovery. They want to show them that Canadians have not forgotten them. No matter what their political views are, Canadians continue to stand behind the Soldiers, Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Paramedics who have given so very much for the country we call our own, Canada.

Never Quit Foundation’s future plans are to continue to organize and fund events through Sponsorship. For all the Wounded Heroes in our Canadian community and continue to raise awareness of what these great Canadians have done for our country, Canada.  They currently have an RC number, but are waiting on final charitable status and their RR#.

Jody Mitic is a seventeen-year veteran of the Canadian Forces. He has walked this path to recovery beating all the odds. In 2006 MCpl Jody Mitic deployed as a sniper team leader in Afghanistan. On Jan 11, 2007 he accidently stepped on a landmine and lost both feet. One year after his recovery, he completed St-Johns annual charity 5km run raising money for the St-John Rehabilitation Center where he received his treatment. In 2009 he completed a Half Marathon and in the fall of 2010 he and another wounded soldier completed the TARGA Newfoundland Road Rally finishing first in their class and seventh overall. Between the two soldiers, they had only one leg and three arms! Jody Never Quits, he has even re-learned how to ride his motorcycle this is no small feat for a man missing both of his legs. Because of his Never Quit attitude he was chosen as a peer mentor and Outreach Coordinator for the Soldier On Program.


Norwex – See listing under Tanya Davis


Raspberry Kids

Launched in 2008 Raspberry Kids is the purveyor of fresh, healthy and fun products for the little ones in your life. Their tagline is fresh, healthy & fun and these are the criteria they have used to choose the products to bring to you. They also focus on the quality of each line and ask themselves “Have we, or would we, buy this for our children?” and if the answer isn’t an emphatic “YES!” then the product does not make the cut.   Founded by Chief Executive Mom, Sue Sinclair, this is a Canadian owned, family run business.


Ricky Shetty – DaddyBlogger

May 16, 2012 – this is the day Ricky’s life was forever changed. On this day, his beautiful baby daughter Rianne was born at St Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver, Canada.  The first year of parenting and fatherhood were definitely some of the best days of my life as I got to see all of my daughters’ firsts: First smile, first giggles, first time rolling over, (first poo leak), first time sitting up, first time crawling, first road trip, first time on an airplane, first time walking, first words, etc.

Ricky’s Daddy Blogger blog was started to give a father’s perspective into parenting, to help expecting and new parents, and to create a lasting memory to share with Rianne when she is older.

Wisdom from Daddies is Ricky’s first book.


Running Room

The Running Room is proudly a family-owned company. It originated in 1984 out of founder John Stanton’s wish to purchase quality running shoes from someone knowledgeable about the sport. New to the sport of running, John had a thirst for knowledge as well as a desire to buy the right product. This entrepreneurial retailer decided to fill a niche in the marketplace by opening a small one-room store in the renovated living room of an old house in Edmonton, hence the name, “Running Room.” The stores have since expanded to over 114 locations across Canada and the United States.

Running Room’s reputation has been built upon product innovation, quality and knowledge of the sport of running. Running Room’s unique private label assortment was developed to provide customers with the best in style, functionality and fabric innovations at a reasonable price.

The Running Room is truly a store for runners by runners. All team members are runners whose philosophy is that if you’re out there running on the same roads as the customers, you can better relate to them.



Blogging and being online has always been about community building and networking. Through these networks friendships are built, trust is earned and word of mouth becomes the strongest recommendation one can make.

As “Crunchy Carpets” Kerry have developed my brand and identity on her own blog, Twitter and Facebook.  She has seen for herself the power of social media and the effect it can have as part of a marketing campaign.   She has been able to build targeted and focused followers for a company that started with nothing.

She has consulted for several businesses that target working moms and busy lifestyles and has been featured on Vancouver Mom as one of the TOP Vancouver Mom Bloggers.  She was an invited panelist at Northern Voice 2010 and 2011, and worked with Limelite PR on a panel of Mom Bloggers called ‘Harnessing the Power of Digital Mums, where we introduced PR and Marketing reps to the world of the Mom Blogger.  She is currently collaborating with Clare Adams of Bigger Bubbles Marketing on several projects.

Kerry understands how ‘network’ marketing works.  I understand that creating the right ‘voice’ in social media is crucial to developing a positive online brand for your company, product or self.


Shirley Bond

Shirley was interested in food and cooking from an early age and this led to her chosen career in Nutrition, Dietetics and Home Economics.

She was a dietitian in hospitals in England and in the evening taught students about food and nutrition,  a job she very much enjoyed. This prompted her to become a lecturer on food and nutrition.  She was based in London but  travelled all over Britain, talking and demonstrating to groups of people from schoolchildren to old age pensioners  on various aspects of food and healthy eating.

Shirley became involved in helping to write books, leaflets and recipes, so following her marriage she became a freelance author, writing books and numerous regular articles for magazines, newspapers and web sites. This work includes a lot of recipe writing and  has made her increasingly aware of the great confusion caused by the various methods of weighing and measuring in the  kitchen.  Many conversion figures in magazines are inaccurate and cause disasters and a waste of food.  Many people do not cook because they can’t cope with the measures given.

Temperatures to store food, amounts to serve when entertaining and lots more information required by the cook to be successful wherever they live and whatever measures they are used to, led to her latest book ‘How Do You Measure Up’.

In her spare time Shirley enjoys travel and entertaining and she is a keen member of Soroptimist International.

Read more about it on her website


Smilebox was founded in 2005 by a group of optimists with a lofty mission: joy is one of the world’s most important renewable resources, and it’s their passion to help people share it. Connecting friends and family, sharing life’s special moments big and small – what’s more important than that?

Their team of talented and wacky folks work tirelessly to find new, interesting and inspired ways for you to share your treasured photos and videos with family and friends.

We could go on forever, but you need to stop reading and go make an awesome Smilebox for your favorite people in the world. Make them proud. Share the love and the smiles.

In August 2011, Smilebox was acquired by Perion Network Ltd. (NASDAQ: PERI). Smilebox will continue to focus on its lofty mission.


snuggle bugz

Ontario-based baby retailer, snuggle bugz, have 2 brick and mortar stores (Burlington & Milton) and service the rest of Canada & the US via their online store.  Founded by husband and wife team, Ben & Tanya Burmaster, in November 2006 the store is born out of a passion for both the products (all 10,000+) and great customer service.  They carry organic food, some beautiful wooden toys and several Canadian-made lines in their inventory and the company also believes in supporting the community and donates product regularly to The Algoma Pregnancy Centre


Sonja Picard

Visionary Canadian designer Sonja Picard has been a professional artist since 1990, and her work has been collected by private and corporate clients world-wide.   In her 20 years as an artist, she has always created with the intention of conveying a message that holds a sacred meaning or symbolic significance.

Sonja began her artistic journey with her first chosen medium clay and explored its variations; studio ceramics, architectural ceramics, fine art sculpture and mixed media. Sonja’s sculptures have been represented by galleries throughout North America and her art is in permanent corporate collections. She was a noted ceramic designer for a leading international giftware company.
In 1996, Sonja began a study of yogic philosophy and was inspired to create and design jewelry to honor and celebrate this knowledge:
“I wanted to create jewelry that would be more than simply a fashion statement,” says Sonja, “I felt strongly that what we wear should also touch and inspire us. I therefore set out to create jewelry that was both beautiful to wear as well as reminding usof our divine nature. Using ancient texts, symbols and Sanskrit mantras, I create what I call ‘wearable mantras’ that are artistic fusions of the contemporary and the exotic.”
Sonja hand-carves each original piece in wax, invoking the human spirit and offering a sculptural organic quality to the jewelry. The result is a refreshingly modern signature look that has propelled the Sonja Picard Collection (SPC) into a world-class jewelry business. First launched in 2000, and now with over 400 pieces, the SPC has since become the largest comprehensive jewelry line dedicated to the ancient knowledge of yoga.
Following a trip to India in 2010, Sonja’s next inspiration was found in portraying divine images on canvas using acrylic and mix media, expanding her artistic expression yet again. Today, Sonja works with an extensive array of mediums: cast glass, ceramic, bronze, acrylic and mix media, diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones, silver, and gold. Her new gallery and jewelry boutique on Main Street in Vancouver, BC showcases her many one-of-a-kind sculptures, paintings and jewelry pieces. 

In 1997, SPUD.CA was founded based on the idea that there was a better, more sustainable way to buy groceries. Not only was there an opportunity to directly connect communities with local farmers and food producers, ordering food online and using a just-in-time home delivery system meant a better product and convenience for customers.

When you purchase local food, you are involved in an important movement that contributes to your local economy, improves food security, reduces your environmental impact and provides more nutrient rich foods.

  • Over 50% of their products are locally sourced, which creates jobs and reduces transportation emissions.
  • Their goal is to buy from as many local farms and suppliers as possible. By buying locally, you get fresher, tastier food and help support your local community.
  • They sell a growing list of Fair Trade products guaranteeing better wages and conditions for farmers and food producers
  • 100% of their produce is either certified organic or local and sustainably produced, while over 50% of their grocery items are organic with the remainder being naturally produced with no chemicals or preservatives. They sell a variety of eco-friendly products like recycled toilet paper and phosphate-free detergents.
  • Their delivery service reduces pollution and congestion. When a van leaves our warehouse with 100 orders, it decreases the number of vehicles on the road.

In addition to their home grocery delivery service, they offer deliveries of fresh fruit and snacks to local businesses every morning of the week. All orders are fully customizable, and every delivery is brought right to your office, allowing you to experience the convenience of quality organic fruit without leaving the building. Learn more about their Office Box Program.


Streamlined Solutions

Debby Lea was among the first Organizers in Canada to successfully complete the  Trained Professional Organizer Program, and is the only Qualified Chronic Disorganization Specialist,  ADD Specialist, and Hoarding Specialist  in BC.

Experienced Organizer Debby Lea is a creative problem-solver who specializes in finding practical solutions tailored to your personality. With her unique combination of training, organizing experience, and teaching experience, she can show you how to banish clutter and chaos from your life, and welcome calm and control.

Qualifications earned from Professional Organizers in Canada:

  •    Silver Leaf member of Professional Organizers in Canada (more than 5 years experience)
  •    Trained Professional Organizer

Qualifications earned from the Institute for Challenging Disorganization (formerly the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization):

  •    Chronic Disorganization Specialist
  •    ADD Specialist
  •    Hoarding Specialist

As an Organizer, some of her favorite places to hang out are office supply and organizing accessory stores. She can spend hours ooh-ing and aah-ing over plastic bins, pretty files, and closet systems. Over the years, she has come to the realization that not everyone loves these things as much as she does. Many people (believe it or not) do not rate filing, scheduling, or closet organizing near the top of their list of exciting activities! So that’s where Debby comes in. She helps people who are overwhelmed with clutter and disorganization in their homes and offices regain calm and control. Her clients reclaim the use of their desktops, dining room tables, and garages. As a mom, community volunteer, and long-time teacher, she is especially aware of the challenges facing busy families, students, and educators. Where else might you find her? At the library. She has a passion for reading and learning, especially seeking more efficient and effective ways to simplify our lives.


 Tanya Davis – Norwex Consultant

Tanya Davis is a mother of 4, including her beloved Gabrielle, whom she lost to cancer at 7yrs old.  Having gone through chemotherapy treatments with Gaby, Tanya knows the importance of cleanliness to minimize the risk of infections in those circumstances, but she is also aware of the increased incidence of cancer these days and the associated risks of many household cleaners.  She was thrilled when she learned about Norwex and the natural cleaning products they make.  She quickly learned that there was an opportunity to create a business out of a product line she completely believes in and use it to fundraise for her other passion, the Gaby Davis Foundation, a Canadian charity set-up to honour the wishes of her beloved Gabrielle – to help those affected by childhood cancer.


TBC Indoor Karting

Indoor Kart Racing @ TBC opened in Richmond in October of 2000. Since opening, TBC has offered people of all ages (over 11yrs) in Vancouver a safe and fun racing environment!
Racers will experience the exhilaration of driving their brand new Sodi GT5 karts up to 75km/hr sitting 2 inches from the ground! Their 13-turn road course means the drivers with the most guts and skill will get the fastest times.

Facility highlights include: State of the art timing system, full service banquet/meeting rooms, clean air exhaust system, video games, pool table, air hockey to play while you wait to play, bigger engines and faster ride, adjustable Seats and Pedals for improved comfort and a quieter ride.


Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium is a recognized leader in connecting people to our natural world. As a self-supporting, non-profit association, the Aquarium is dedicated to effecting the conservation of aquatic life through display and interpretation, education, research and direct action. More than 35 million people have visited the Aquarium since their opening in 1956. Located in Stanley Park, they are open to visitors from around the world 365 days a year.


Vancouver School of Bodyworks & Massage

The Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage is a boutique institution offering an unparalleled educational experience. Our programs reflect our passion for holistic wellness and were specifically tailored to suit the needs of the expanding spa and wellness industry. Our beautiful brick and timber loft space is in an award-winning heritage building in downtown Vancouver and is accessible by public transit from anywhere in the Lower Mainland.

Class sizes are limited to 26 students, creating an intimate and personal environment. Instructors are of the highest calibre – PhDs and MDs, chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, bodyworkers and massage therapists. The collective knowledge and experience of our faculty is astounding, but what truly sets our instructors apart is that they are people of integrity and heart. The supportive learning atmosphere at VSBM fosters exceptionally caring and capable practitioners who graduate well-equipped to make a positive contribution to the world of holistic health.

Our mission is to create a supportive learning community of excellence wherein individuals are empowered to explore their own unique potential through holistic education and practice in the healing arts.


Vitaly Beckman, Illusionist

Vitaly is a world class illusionist. He has performed internationally in theatres, at corporate events and on TV and radio shows.

The Belarus-born illusionist began practicing the art of magic at the age of 14. He currently resides in Vancouver, BC.

Aside from writing and performing all original material, he has the distinction of having invented and designed all of his illusions.

As a keen observer of human behaviour, Vitaly knows that his show offers far more than magic. It goes beyond illusion to encompass “the realization of our dreams and the celebration of the human spirit.  With the belief that we are only limited by our own imagination, the audience gets to experience the sensation that nothing is impossible” to get a glimpse of how life could be “if there were no limitations.”


Will Stroet, Children’s Entertainer

Will Stroet, an award-winning children’s entertainer and educator connects with kids through high-energy, inter­active and educational music in English and French.  Will is also the star of Will’s Jams, fun and educational videos featuring his popular hits, airing weekday morn­ings on Kids’ CBC.  His latest English and French CDs, “Just Imgine/Imagine,” will launch in the fall of 2013, with his previous six albums garnering international recognition, including nominations from the Canadian Folk Music Awards and Western Canadian Music Awards.  Will is supporting his daughter’s preschool with his Vancouver CD launch benefiting Bayview Parent Participation Preschool.  In addition to being on their touring roster, Will is also a volunteer Board Member with ArtStarts,  which provides innovative arts programs for young people and leadership in advocacy for arts in education. For more info about Will, visit