Testing Our Strength – Looking At Health And Fitness

Health And FitnessThis week we’re all about health and fitness – partly in recognition of this Sunday’s Terry Fox Run which we highly encourage people supporting (the gift of a cure would be pretty special to be a part of after all, wouldn’t it?), partly in recognition of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and again in part because September 11th is a day that we can naturally all reflect on how lucky we are if we have our health and fitness and that of our families.

I found it super-interesting to discover that Jody Mitic, President of Never Quit Foundation, is a double-amputee (having lost his feet to a landmine while in service in Afghanistan) and hasn’t let that hold him back from making an incredible contribution to the lives of others who have been wounded in service too (including police officers, fire officers and paramedics) as well as child amputees.  His courage and strength immediately made me think of Terry Fox who, also an amputee, let nothing stand in his way of making a difference in the lives of others – specifically raising funds for cancer research.  I remain in awe of this man, from my community here just outside Vancouver, BC, who back in 1980 ran 3,339 miles on the most basic prosthetic (can you imagine running without an ankle?) and not only raised the profile of amputees and cancer and the need for cancer research to be funded, but personally raised over $24 million to see that a reality.

Two incredibly inspiring young men who have shown remarkable strength and depth of character.   Sure makes me think of what we can all achieve if we work through our challenges with such hope and tenacity.  On a smaller scale, I sincerely hope that I can help people here with their gifting; create a different way to look at gift giving and maybe help us all to buy in a more eco-conscious and ethically-conscious way that may too have an impact for the better.  Got to dream big right?

Adding relevant content to the site this week has also been a little challenging though and a test of the strength of the site.  For example, the Never Quit Foundation’s t-shirts and sweatshirts are both a physical gift and a charitable gift (who doesn’t love a two-for-one when shopping!) and the Running Room’s gift card also had to be included as an experience gift, as well as a gift card, because you can use the cards (in stores, not online) to purchase training programs and clinics.  Do you know anyone who might want a ‘Learn to Run Clinic’ for their next birthday or for Christmas?  I think it would make a fantastic gift.  Of course, you can use their gift cards for their merchandise too, so I almost put it as a physical gift as well, but then many gift cards are to buy physical items, so I decided that was redundant.  You see my challenge though!

I want to make this site as easy to navigate and relevant to people as possible but, as is so often the case in real life, there’s a LOT more grey than there is black or white.  Trying to categorize gifts seems to be less of a scientific process and a bit more going with my gut!  Another area that I want to talk about is when a gift card is not available as such.  Often when researching a gift idea for the site, I find that there is no apparent option to purchase as a gift.  However, with a quick call, I find out that they can and will absolutely accommodate a service or experience being purchased as a gift.  Fitness Doula’s Restore Your Core Workshop and Consult were 2 such examples and I was thrilled to know I could add them to the site and that Kim can accommodate gift purchases.  The gift of not having to cross legs while sneezing would be a welcome gift to so many of us that have had kids!  Again, I categorized these gift ideas under both service and experience gifts as it’s really subjective how you would look on these type of gifts, but I’d love any feedback on whether we’re getting this kind of thing right on the site and whether it makes sense to you.

Kind of like our own little health and fitness test – let me know how you think the site is doing!

The fact is though that even when something isn’t obvious as a gift option (for example Never Quit Foundation accepts donations, but doesn’t have a tribute option in the same way that the Terry Fox Run does, you can still creatively make it into a gift for somebody.  If you’re sending a card for their birthday you can write a note in the card to let them know you have donated in their honour or if you are buying a service or experience, you can either write a note or print out your own gift certificate to let them know you are buying it for them.

Have you ever given a donation or offered to pay for a service and found a creative way to share that with the gift recipient?Let us know your giftastic giving ideas too!

Together we can make gift giving healthier and fitter too!