Recycle Your Love with Sonja Picard

Recycle Your LoveRecycle Your Love™ is inspired by years of listening to women share their stories about jewels they acquired from loves long past, tokens passed down, or pieces purchased long ago – all of which do not reflect their current style or taste, remaining hidden away in a drawer, unworn and unloved!

Recycle Your Love is a gift full of ec0-sense, special memories and lots of love

“Jewelry is always given in love. I feel we are the custodians of these gems, which carry a story of our life’s path and our rites of passage, or memories of those who loved us and bequeathed their gems to us.”
Recycle Your Love™ is a bespoke service by designer Sonja Picard that will reignite and celebrate these jewels of love by creatively redesigning them into a unique and contemporary piece exclusively for you as the woman you are today. Your gems will become a talismanic piece celebrating You – as the woman who wears it – and celebrating Love – to remind you of how loved you are.

Because of the custom element to this service, please contact Sonja Picard for a personal quote.

Tel:  604-566-9330