OnTrack Media Double Your Revenue Program

OnTrack Media Double Your Revenue ProgramAn OnTrack Double Your Revenue Program is a powerful gift for anybody wanting to increase their sales.  This comprehensive program is designed for anybody involved in sales who wants the knowledge and tools to build a solid sales strategy for their team or their business.

OnTrack Media Double Your Revenue Program makes a powerful, empowering gift for a business owner or sales professional

The package covers target market definition, competitive position, lead generation and prospecting, sales tool kit development, key message development, tracking and accountability, client maintenance and CRM key processes, CRM setup and sales management strategies.  Delivered by the ladies behind pretirementliving.com, they know how to create revenue and feel good about selling too.

Package includes a sales assessment, 1.5 hour sales assessment review call, 3 x 60min profess check-in calls, unlimited email support (12 months) and video recordings of each session. $1997 This would make a great gift share 

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