Kart Racing at TBC

Kart Racing at TBCDo you know somebody who would enjoy some race time?  A wannabe Greg Moore or Mario Andretti?  Or perhaps a Formula One fan who would like to test out their own skills?

Drive them wild having a go at Kart Racing at TBC

While individual races start from as little as $15 Mon-Thurs and $20 Fri-Sun, gift cards allow you to purchase any amount of gift value so you can stick to your budget and they can use them towards purchasing as much or as little racing as they like.  Gift cards are mailed out so you need to allow time for delivery, but they can be mailed directly to the recipient.  Advance booking is recommended, but drop-in is possible subject to availability.  Please note some restrictions apply:  Min. age is 11yrs and min. height is 58″.  You must arrive at the facility at least 60 mins prior to closing to complete the waiver from and view the safety briefing video before you are allowed to race.  Available in any denomination. Located in Richmond, BC.