Group Gifting

SAG_Logo_Lettering_250x250.fwEver wish that you could just get your family & friends organized to club together on a gift more easily?

There’s no doubt that group gifting is both a savvy eco-option (reducing the amount of stuff consumed), a kind option (it enables people to get higher quality gifts and saves multiple people running about looking for gifts) and a financially smart option because it’s easier to set a budget for contributions, than finding a gift to fit a budget.

But, getting family and friends organized to contribute, collecting the money from everybody (especially if they are spread across the country or across the world!) has often been a daunting task…until now!

The Gift Pages has partnered with shareagift to help you make your group gifting dreams a reality.

Need to organize a teacher gift for your kid’s school class?  Check!

Looking for contributions to a leaving gift for a co-worker?  Check!

Would like to club together to get a friend a stroller for a baby shower gift?  Check!

No matter what you’re clubbing together for, or what the occasion is, shareagift is the easy, online solution to let you invite people to chip in for something.

How It Works

Choose a gift that you would like people to contribute towards, go to and click on ‘Start Group Gift’.

This creates a Gift Page you can share with friends by email, Facebook and any social media, inviting people to contribute as much or as little as they like.

The Gift Page even generates a unique url you can include in your invitations towards any gift or fund.