gDiapers Sweet Bundle

gDiapers Sweet BundleGot to love a gift that’s kind on Mom, Baby and the planet!  gDiapers are reusable diaper covers with disposable inserts that you can flush, compost (wet ones only) or toss.

gDiapers sweet bundle of a gift!

gPants are reusable diaper covers that are thoughtfully-designed to keep messes contained and to reduce diaper rash. Made of soft cotton with Velcro closures that fasten in the back, gPants hold the insert in place while looking beautiful on baby.   The gDiapers sweet bundle comes with a case of biodegradable disposable inserts and six gPants in one of two color combinations: gentle taupe / globetrotter blue and gooseberry purple / goddess pink. Pick your color combination. Pick your size (small, medium or large). And you’re set!.  $149.99US

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Available to purchase in Canada, US, UK & France