Fitness Doula’s Restore Your Core Workshop

Fitness Doula's Restore Your Core WorkshopDo you know a Mom who needs help healing and returning to fitness after having a baby?  Fitness Doula’s Restore Your Core Workshop might just be the gift of confidence that she needs.

Fitness Doula’s Restore Your Core Workshop is a great gift for Mom’s whether they had their baby 6 days ago or 6 years ago.

While they are all about prevention, sometimes women learn about their services after the fact and even with all the preparation in the world, the body still needs some help to encourage optimal healing and return to fitness.

In this 3 hour workshop they will cover posture and breathing. They will explore different poses to help you connect with parts of your body you may feel disconnected from.

Everyone will be evaluated for diastasis recti and will leave knowing what not to do but more importantly what TO DO to help you restore their core.

Please note that the gift recipient will have to complete a par-q form and have it signed by their health practitioner before attending.  $45.

Tel:  604-910-6035

Workshops are held at Younique Fitness in Port Moody as well as other locations in the lower mainland periodically.