All Your Christmas Shopping Wrapped Up? What About The Giftwrap?

fabric giftwrap

  I’ve done most of my shopping now (phew!) and am pleased that I have managed to keep to either practical, long-lasting, experience or charitable gifts for the most part.  Now it’s on to task 2 – the giftwrap! I’ll never forget the Monday after Christmas last year.  I had dutifully sorted all my used […]

Why LEGO® Makes The Grade!


It was my Son’s birthday at the weekend and I have to say it was a pretty normal affair – possibly not as ‘green’ as I might like to strive for, but he’s 6yrs old – we’re working on it!  We had 15 guests at his birthday party and most brought traditional physical gifts, 3 […]

What Makes For A Peaceful Gift?


The end of this week, September 21, will mark the International Day of Peace and while I sincerely wish that we could give the gift of world peace to one another, there are lots of gifts that we can consider that may help bring peace to those around us as well as others around the […]

Gifting Etiquette – Give With Civility

Gifting Etiquette

We’re delighted to introduce Lew Baker to our readers as she is going to be offering her expertise in civility and manners  into Gifting Etiquette articles on The Gift Pages as our resident Civility Expert: Give With Civility If you believe, as I do, that civility is its own reward- then philanthropy and generosity naturally […]

Testing Our Strength – Looking At Health And Fitness

Running shoes

This week we’re all about health and fitness – partly in recognition of this Sunday’s Terry Fox Run which we highly encourage people supporting (the gift of a cure would be pretty special to be a part of after all, wouldn’t it?), partly in recognition of September being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and again in […]

The Gift of Literacy

Reading Together

I’m a big believer in the power of books and the way that literacy can empower so I’m happy to be talking books this week in honour of International Literacy Day coming up on Sunday September 8th.  My kids know me well enough that even if I’m saying no to ‘stuff’ coming into the house, […]

A Better Gift?

Better Gift

Is homegrown lavender a better gift?  Is a go-karting a better option?  What about fresh flowers?  How green is the gift of gardening help if it isn’t organic? While the lavender is a relatively easy answer (which is why we included homemade gifts on the site) the others are also good questions and not so […]

Money Matters – Holiday Spending

Money Tree

We’re delighted to introduce Kathryn Mandelcorn to our readers as she is going to be offering her financial insights and advice into Money Matters articles on The Gift Pages as our resident Money Coach: Holiday Spending I know, you’re thinking “What!  We’re talking about Holiday spending in August? Isn’t it bad enough that some of […]

Why Give?

why give

Because they bought for you? Because Hallmark says we have to? Because you love them? Because you want to impress them? Because you owe them? Because you want to thank them? Because they inspire you? Because you want their attention? There are so many reasons to give, but fundamentally (unless it’s purely a checkbox exercise […]

Clutter Control Quick Start: Home Organization Gift

Streamlined Solutions pebbles photo

What better gift than the gift of sanity at home! The gift of home organization can be such a life saver. The Gift of Home Organization Streamlined Solutions will provide a one-hour consultation and a four-hour hands-on home organization session working with the client in the space of her choice: office, kitchen, closet, garage, or […]