Better Meals Meal Delivery

Better MealsSometimes the best gift is just knowing that a loved-one is properly nourished!  With Better Meals meal delivery service, you can give the gift of nutritious pre-prepared meals to someone who could use the help.  Whether it’s a new Mom, someone recuperating from an injury or illness or a senior that needs more regular assistance, their meals are extensive menus cater to all types of dietary needs and tastes.

Better Meals – A healthy meal in a gift!

meals are delivered by refrigerated truck, so they arrive at their home in the same fresh state as they were when they left our premises.  They deliver right across BC, but please check for delivery locations and the weekly delivery schedule.  Please note that all orders need to be received before 3:00pm and at least two business days before the delivery day.  Delivery is free for all orders over $25.

Gift certificates can be purchased for the recipient to use to purchase whichever meals they choose and can be purchased by phone.  Any denomination.

Tel:  604-299-1877 or Toll Free at 1-888-838-1888

Services many communities across BC