About Us

The Gift Pages is intended to be a resource that provokes us to think differently about gifts, eases the stress that so often comes with modern-day gifting and inspires us to find gifts that bring back the joy of both giving and receiving.  At the same time we look for gifts that are both ethical and reduce our impact on the environment in some way – a gift to humanity, our planet and our future generations!

You will find hundreds of gift ideas for all occasions, all people and every kind of interest (OK every might be an ambitious statement, but you get the idea) and we want to make you think outside the box – literally!  Gifts can also be experiences, gifts of service, gift cards, charitable donations or handmade.  We will research every type of gift to give you the best choice of gift ideas to be found.

easy. kind. giftastic.

How many gifts do you purchase in a year and how much time do you have to accomplish that?  Research suggests that gift giving has become more onerous, resented and overwhelming largely since the industrial revolution, due to commercialization and consumption, and because of the modern changes to our social networks, while our time available is less due to the increased daily demands in life.  Giving a gift should not automatically involve a trip to the mall and wrapping paper and it certainly should not bring about angst when it comes to finding something.  So let’s just stop… breathe…and keep it easy.

Similarly, not only should we keep gift giving kind on ourselves (including our pockets!), gifts should be kind to the recipient (if you’re in any doubt here, please hop over to What Makes a Gift to find out why gifts are supposed to feel good!) and we happen to think they need to be kind to the planet too.  Nobody wants a gift they can’t use, don’t like or have already (OK, well perhaps if it’s candy or alcohol, that might not be the case with duplicates, but there are only so many Hungry Hippo games a family can enjoy!) and with gifts that don’t work comes re-gifting, guilt, waste or very often storage issues, as people don’t know what to do with the item concerned and simply put it in the back of a cupboard.  Let’s make a change…think differently…and be kind.

And if we’re going to put our time, hard-earned dollars (if you’re spending somebody else’s then that’s only cool if you’re clubbing together!) and energy into giving a gift, let’s make it memorable.  Which gifts do you best remember? They were special, treasured, joyous…giftastic.

Clare Adams is the creator and principal researcher, writer and gift fairy at The Gift Pages.  She is passionate about finding better ways to give gifts since her daughter turned 5yrs old and she was faced with the prospect of 16 friends coming with 16 gifts to a birthday party!  Now with 2 children she sees double the reason to think differently.  She also has the added incentive that, being from the UK, most of her family and friends are in Europe and she needs to find a way to give gifts without shipping huge boxes half way around the world every month.

Clare also has a media & PR consultancy company, Bigger Bubbles Marketing, and is a freelance writer, writing mainly in the same family & parenting media niche that her media & PR focuses on.